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Giacomo Zinetti

“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

Geek Frontend Developer


Hello, world!

I am Giacomo, a developer from Como (Italy) born in the eighties and father of 2.

My job and skills are about web developing, building every day better websites and applications with innovative user experience, cool graphics interface and using the latest technologies. I love working with a team of web enthusiasts with whom to share our experiences, knowledge and every update about technologies. I am passionate about performances and I want to contribute to creating a super fast and user-centric Internet.

In my free time, I like to play with new technologies, developing personal projects or contributing to OSS. I read articles and books to keep myself updated, I join online courses and actively participate in conferences and local meetups as a speaker. In October 2015 I have co-founded the Milano Frontend Meetup and in 2018 the Como and FrontEnd user group.


  1. 2022 — Frontend Developer
    React, Appway Studio
  2. 2020 — Frontend Developer
    React, Headless, White-label product, Material-UI
  3. 2018 — Frontend Engineer
    Liferay, OSS, Github, Metal.js, Clay UI
  4. 2017 — Frontend Developer
    Microdata, Performance, CSS Grid, PWA, GatsbyJs
  5. 2016 — Frontend Developer
    React, Redux, CSS in JS, GraphQL, Webpack
  6. 2015 — Frontend Developer
    Sass, Gulp, BEM, ES2015, Teaching
  7. 2013 — Full-stack Developer
    Wordpress, Nginx, Grunt, LESS, Tutoring
  8. 2013 — Frontend Developer
    Websphere, CSS, Javascript, Json, API
  9. 2010 — PHP Developer
    Responsive, AWS, PHP, Python, Git
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