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Giacomo Zinetti

Geek Frontend Developer


  1. 2018 — Frontend Engineer
    Liferay, OSS, Metal.js, Clay UI
  2. 2017 — Frontend Developer
    Microdata, Performance, CSS Grid, PWA, GatsbyJs
  3. 2016 — Frontend Developer
    React, Redux, CSS in JS, GraphQL, Webpack
  4. 2015 — Frontend Developer
    Sass, Gulp, BEM, ES2015, Teaching
  5. 2013 — Full-stack Developer
    Wordpress, Nginx, Grunt, LESS, Tutoring
  6. 2013 — Frontend Developer
    Websphere, CSS, Javascript, Json, API
  7. 2010 — PHP Developer
    Responsive, AWS, PHP, Python, Git




  1. Continuous improving on e-learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy and Udacity.
  2. TOEFL certification in 2007
  3. Computer Engineering at
  4. High school at in Saronno

Extra time

In 2015 I have contributed to the foundation of the Milano Frontend group, organizing meetups and preparing speeches. Some topics has been presented also in conferences as CSSDay 2016 and 2018 in Faenza, or published on my blog.

In 2014 I have done a review of the book Learning Single-page Web Application Development published by Packt Publishing.

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